01/09 2016

#MM18 – Oleg Morović

Media Mediterranea, News

#MM18 is a work that was created and upgraded in situ for the duration of the Media Mediterranea 18 festival through the author’s continuous post-ing of content.

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Oleg Morović (Pula, 1987) is one of the new and very important creative – artistic innovators of Pula. Since he attended the High School of Art and Design in Pula it is logical that he works as a designer, where his lucid graphics solutions already received due attention of the professional and non-professional public. He works closely with Oleg Šuran and the duo reigns sovereign in the new formative reality. In collaboration with Andi Pekica they issue the magazine Polet. Since Oleg is versatile he won’t bother the public with his design during the Media Mediterranea festival, but with a work called (the name is important) #MM18. It is a direct transmission (as on television) of content with direct uploads to an online platform (instagram), and it can be uploaded (see the title of the work) with the hashtag / label “#MM18”. This way those present will see in real time what happens with the back of their heads, their backs and who kisses their girlfriends behind the corner. Whether this technology is good or bad will be evaluated by You and Your girlfriend when you return home, and possibly sooner. (Mladen Lučić)

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