In the same film – one step further

The content and sensory inadequacy and the inaccessibility of common cultural content to children and young people with disabilities are the central problem that the project addresses. Sensory differences complicate their participation in social interactions, events and movie screenings which is why we need to adapt the contents to their needs. Even today there are those who had never been at movies and that tells us enough about the occurrence of such programs.

In order to enable and facilitate the preparation and implementation of adapted cultural content for others, frameworks of methodological guidelines and instructions for the audience will be created. They will make cultural content more accessible to marginalized groups and create an inclusive environment. In this way they will provide support for their socio-emotional, linguistic and cognitive development and strengthen their self-confidence.

The project offers sensory cinema projections, photography and animation workshops, and a number of exhibitions of students’ works tailored to the target group, in which they actively participate as public, creators and artists.

With the aim of creating a more inclusive society, we will advocate changes in cultural policies by making recommendations in a participative way – that is, in cooperation with vulnerable groups. We will also encourage a broader discussion, influence the decision makers at the regional and local levels, and sensitize the general public. In order to succeed, we will also improve the communication skills and public advocacy of our partners.

The educational and counselling activities that we have designed for children and youth with disabilities and experts from various fields have great potential for further development and application, as they enable the adaptation of many cultural areas throughout Croatia and beyond.

Project duration: 01. 09. 2022. – 30. 11. 2023.

Project value: 45.000,00 Euros

Contact person: Marino Jurcan

Web page:

Facebook: Udruga Metamedij

Guidelines: Metodološki okvir, Metodičke smjernice, Methodological Guidelines

The project „In the same film – one step further“ benefits from a grant under the Active Citizens Fund from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA Grants.