27/09 2016

“The physical rhythm machine” by Philip Vermeulen (NL) at the 1st Industrial Art Biennial

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Philip Vermeulen (Netherlands) will present his installation “The physical rhythm machine” at Cultural Center Lamparna at Labin on friday, 30th September at 8 P.M., as a part of the closure ceremony of the 1st Industrial Art Biennial.


Philip Vermeulen is a young upcoming artist from The Hague, student at the infamous ArtScience Interfaculty (Royal Conservatory & The Royal Academy of the Arts, The Hague, Netherlands).

He discovers primary phenomena in all kinds of different media, sound, light, physics, and nature. He starts playing and fighting with them, to isolate the things he sees and tries to tame and compose with them. He builds setups and immersive installations of provoking experiences, which questions the senses of the viewer by transporting them in another world.

Thanks to the support of the V2_Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, NL) & Metamedia Association (Pula, Croatia), Philip is currently living and working in Pula. There, he is building ‘The physical rhythm machine’ in the workspaces of Metamedia and Sonitus. The installation is a closed system that shoots balls up to 130 kilometers per hour to create sound patterns in bitter violence.

The installation cannot only be seen as an instrument, which Mr. Vermeulen can play live, as well as an autonomous system, which creates rhythms with the help of algorithms. It breathes the flavours of rough mechanics and the early experiments of the classical minimal movement.

This project is produced as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development in a co-production of Metamedia Association and V2_Institute for the Unstable Media.

For more about Mr. Vermeulen -> Philipvermeulen.com


For more about the 1st Industrial Art Biennial click here.


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