18/08 2016

Festival programme: Media Mediterranea 18

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The Media Mediterranea 18 festival will be held on the 19 th and 20 th of August, from 6PM to midnight, in Tito’s Park in Pula. The theme of the festival is “Post-it!” and the program includes new media interactive installations and games, multimedia playgrounds for children, workshops for children (Children and architecture; pArcadia, Sound factory), post-electronic music performances and a picnic soundtrack.


New media art installations

Cosmic Death

Author: Francisco Queiros

Videos: cosmic death. no picture is silent. powah. le serpent qui dance.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.31.52

Cosmic Death is very representative of the work of the artist Francisco Queiros, bringing together many of his interests: drawing, music (punk) and poetry. In the video there are several layers of stories, in images, silent or written. There are four stories that inter-connect: cosmic death. no picture is silent. powah. le serpent qui dance. Fictions that cross reality: of birds, of a homeless, of an egg or from pre-historical stones. It’s like a compendium of humanity in a short limit of time where we deal with fun, death and the afterglow. «No picture is silent» is a statement itself for this year’s «Post it!» festival.

DIY – Do your own Krebber

Author: Gereon Krebber

Construction kit

Gereon Krebber is a sculptor with a very experimental practice, experimental in materials and forms and in the size frames of sculptures but also very interested in sharing his experience as a practitioner in contemporary art. This construction kits are an instrument for doing your own sculpture of Gereon Krebber by yourself, the sculptor provided the instructions kit but the result depends on your own ability to do it and construct it, then you can take your sculpture with you and hang it on the wall :

In the artist’s own words:

«I have invented those A4-based DIY-kits actually for my website. Not entirely satisfied with just having things to show on the web staying virtual, it is getting it real again with the simplest means from a paper sheet. And it is you making it yourself. It is not only kind of pre-3D-printing – the first one titled “box with tails” is about 2004, as far as I remember. It is Krebber it yourself, hopefully playful and free to everyone.»

This work in the Media Mediterranea festival is a collaborative project between the artist and the public in Pula, dealing with minimalist sculpture and authorship in art.


Author: Ceal Floyer

Sound installation

For 0-10, Ceal Floyer modifies the historical recording of the launch of the Apollo 11 space rocket. Contrary to the wonderful discovery of Fritz Lang in 1929, who invented the principle of the countdown to add to the suspense of the film Woman in the Moon, the artist decides to reverse the countdown from 0-10. This very small change, which is representative of her artistic approach in general, unsettles the listeners who are surprised by the slightly modified recording. Playing on a shared aural knowledge of the event, Ceal Floyer introduces a certain element of strangeness; she deals out the cards of history in her own way, thereby creating a second narrative that challenges our perception of time.


Author: Ignacio Uriarte

Audio installation

1_2_3_4_3_2_1 is a counting numbers piece, where the reader counts from one to ten, filling time with several intonations, in an almost rhythmic way. In this Post it! context his piece is connected to Ceal Floyer piece “0-10” that inverses the countdown from Apolo 11’s launch. Here the monotony of counting numbers expresses the passing of time during «office work».


Author: Ignacio Uriarte

Audio installation

Recording of the twelve main letters of a German typewriter (ASDFGHJKLÖ) read in a prayer-like mumble by Blixa Bargeld, the front man for the indie rock band, Einstürzende Neubauten. The vocal recitation of fricative letterhammering grants the obsolete typing machine a prominent place within an era of technological innovation. Shown together, Uriarte’s optically mesmeric compositions and audio works present the prescient dialogue between sound and image.


Author: Anselmo Tumpić

Interactive artwork

The result of this interactive work of art or the appearance of traces on paper after the intervention is completely unpredictable. The players won’t be focused on the traces that their “toy” makes but on the game and its given rules, and the traces that the toys make will be our final product. By changing the rules of “the game” we’ll change the final appearance of the canvas. In a wider context, by changing the rules that govern societies we change the final result of the rules that affect our lives. These rules leave traces in our lives.


Author: Dragana Sapanjoš, udruga Mokar prst

Osb, neon

In the work Fssssssssss the association Mokar prst (Wet finger) analyzed part of the nonverbal communication that has entered our everyday lives with the appearance of SMS, chat, email … A textual sign that in us, merely by watching, reads out the feeling of our interlocutors.

Glitch [expo]

Authors: Vedran Gligo, Ana Jurčić, Dina Karadžić, Josipa Komljenović, Karlo Marković, Sara Salamon, Betty Stojnić; Workshop leaders: Vedran Gligo, Dina Karadžić (hacklab01.org / FormatC.hr); Production support: Filmaktiv

Video installation – the results of the Glitch workshop

Glitch [expo] presents a series of exercises, experiments and deliberate mistakes made during the “Glitch” workshop, held as part of the programme Applied video (Filmaktiv), which was led by Vedran Gligo (hacklab01) and Dina Karadži

(Format C).

The basic premise of the glitch as a re-interpretational artistic activity on the border of art, computer culture and the remix culture is to make the narrative unpredictable and the medium visible, and expand the classic paradigm of contemporary art creation in new forms of inclusive disciplinary collaborative activity based on open source software, free culture and knowledge transfer and address the importance of the experimental process of artistic research, with the aim of creating a new vocabulary of a culture which grows responsibly and constructively along with advances in digital technology.


Author: Oleg Morović

Interactive installation

Oleg Morović (Pula, 1987) is one of the new and very important creative – artistic innovators of Pula. Since he attended the High School of Art and Design in Pula it is logical that he works as a designer, where his lucid graphics solutions already received due attention of the professional and non-professional public. He works closely with Oleg Šuran and the duo reigns sovereign in the new formative reality. In collaboration with Andi Pekica they issue the magazine Polet. Since Oleg is versatile he won’t bother the public with his design during the Media Mediterranea festival, but with a work called (the name is important) #MM18. It is a direct transmission (as on television) of content with direct uploads to an online platform (instagram), and it can be uploaded (see the title of the work) with the hashtag / label “#MM18”. This way those present will see in real time what happens with the back of their heads, their backs and who kisses their girlfriends behind the corner. Whether this technology is good or bad will be evaluated by You and Your girlfriend when you return home, and possibly sooner. (Mladen Lučić)

Residence of light & music

Authors: Visiualia group

Interactive installation


This fun installation is made by three light musical benches that contain the sounds of different instruments. By simply striking its surface the bench creates sounds and the visitor can thus create a melody. In addition, by connecting via Bluetooth to the bench, the visitor can play their favourite song and enjoy in it. It’s up to you to come and check how skilled you are in playing on them!


Authors: participants in the competition of original GIF animations; Contest author: Dario Dević; Production: Metamedij

Video installation consisting of 15 GIF animations

Before / After is an intallation made of the best fifteen works submitted to the contest for original GIF animations. These are works of art that through the medium of short web animation deal with the current changes in society, art, culture, humanity or in the authors themselves.

The GIF file format relies on the Internet post. The growing popularity of social media made the Internet post a building block of the new Internet. According to Richard Dawkins, an idea (or an Internet post) has the selfish desire to expand and reach a large number of people, as fast as possible. Because of it’s virtue of being a meme, it will significantly change the way we look at art in the digital era.

Picnic soundtrack

Postmodernist concept of a musical culinary program that will allow the sounds of “modern classic” duo Ansamble da camera and a DJ program that combines ambient and electronic lounge music and organic foods SEK (solidarity and ecological kitchen) and transforms the stay in the park in an unusual experience.

Ansamble da camera

Branko Škara and Anamarija Škara

The ensemble has been active for many years in various chamber ensembles and performs a repertoire of old masters, baroque sonatas, classical and romantic works, to contemporary compositions and jazz, and organic electronic music. Anamarija Škara (flute) and Branko Škara (clarinet) will present an appropriate program during the Media Mediterranea 18 festival.

Brian – low cost high fly set

Marino Jurcan

Behind this pseudonym hides DJ Marino who will prepare for this festival a DJ set that is a combination of incompatibles; ambient silence and dynamic electronic rhythms, analogue romance and digital realism.

SEK – solidarity ecological kitchen

Tea Janko Bevandić, Andreja Buić


Created as a natural extension of the SEG group and SET marketplace.

The duo in the kitchen, Tea Janko Bevandić and Andreja Buić, are two kitchen lovers and everything that surrounds it. In the preparation of meals they use only seasonal, local and ecologically grown food combining tradition with modern culinary trends. They love to present their food by themselves and are always ready for action, and if you want the traditional Istrian panada, tomato salsa or pasta with carob, cucumber jelly or maybe watermelon pudding … just tell them. 🙂

Two souls, two hearts prepare for you food with a face <3

Post-electronic music performances


Ante Prgin

…is a multi-instrumentalist, drummer, percussionist, singer, producer and musical innovator. He has worked and collaborated with many musicians from the Croatian music scene … With his beatbox project, it seems, he brings together all his interests and knowledge in one, perfect funk, reggae, dub, dubstep, drum & bass, afro beat, house and techno mix. SURKA does beatbox with a microphone and loop machines with which he creates phrases that turn into a complete song! He doesn’t have pre-prepared loops, mp3s, CDs or sequencers! Improvisation makes each song unique because, guided by the atmosphere it comes to life in the moment.

His beatbox performance is on the trail of the world’s top musical innovators such as Beardyman, Dub FX, Reggie Watts … He is an artist whose time has yet to come, as proved by the performances at major Croatian festivals such as Terraneo, INmusic, Pula Film Festival, Cro A Porter, Rujan fest, etc…


DJ Palmiro

Emil Jurcan

is a solo project by Emil Jurcan, a member of the band from Pula called “Palme”, the music section of the cooperative Praksa. With his amateurish approach to music Palmiro creates background music using borrowed instruments and devices such as drum machines, turntables and analogue synthesizers. The music that comes to life from this experiment is intended to spread love and communism.


Marino Morosin

…is a young full-time producer and as he says, a student in his spare time. He is active since the mid 2000’s. Over the years he created music as part of the collective DEM crew (production and beat making) and the group Soundcheck Regaz with whom he released the album “Macchiato and a glass of water.” Sometime later he turned to independent work focusing on Chill Trap / Electronic Beats music from which he created the EP “We Can Fly”.

Music programme timetable

Friday, 19.08.

Saturday, 20.08.

Children’s multimedia corner

Contrada – a place of childhood memories – Ecomuseum Batana

Author of the concept: Tamara Nikolić Đerić, curator-ethnologist; Design: Studio Dota


Contrada is the first thematic exhibition organized by the Ecomuseum Batana in cooperation with the Italian Union “Pino Budicin”, Rovinj primary schools, pre-schools and numerous associates. The aim of the exhibition is to evaluate and promote the traditional children’s games and staying outdoors, as well as childhood memories as a catalyst for social change and cohesion. The exhibition offers an experiential, authentic experience with the possibility of playing old traditional games and new digital games created on the model of those played in the 50s.

Playroom LEGO® Technic and Mindstorms EV3 robotics

Author and leader: Zvonimir Lapov-Padovan, Polytechnics engineer With the support of: LEGO Club “Koickice”

R3PTARThe playroom allows interaction and management of LEGO® Technic vehicles and robots that are a blend of traditional and digital toys. Participants in the game extend their knowledge of Bluetooth and infrared communication between devices.

Workshops for children

Two workshops for children will be held during this year’s festival. The workshops are free and do not need prior knowledge. The workshops organizers are: DiA DAI SAI, Nenad Sinkauz, Porta Vitae – School of Foreign Languages, Piccoli terremoti.

Children in architecture: pArcadia

Workshop leaders: DiA DAI SAI architects collective (section of the Society of Architects of Istria), Daniela Škandul, Danijela Perčić-Tičić, Marta Bognar, Katja Regvat, Workshop timetable: Friday, 08.19. 2016, from 6PM to 20PM, Tito’s park, Age of participants: from 9 to 12 years

DiA DAI SAI is a collective of architects which performs spatial exercises with children. Under the full name Section of Children in Architecture and under the aegis of the Society of Architects of Istria – the collective is active since 2010, and it was created with the wish to contribute to basic art education in the disadvantaged school curriculum, which amounts to one hour per week. To achieve this, DiA DAI SAI explains space through games, gestures, events; and at the same time tries to strengthen the sensibility of three-dimensional boundaries which in many ways define our reality.

On this occasion, in cooperation with Metamedij and inspired by the theme of new layers and oblivion, DiA will deconstruct the relationship between Radauš’s riots in Villefrancha, the uprising of the people of Istria, monuments to fallen soldiers of NOVJ – the victims of fascism, the universal symbols of representation of suffering / resistance and modes of representation of bunkered memorial plastic … and they will ask: who’s who? –thus enabling the protagonists themselves to explain how and why (here) things are.

In addition, the children will assemble a pArcadia on a larger map of Tito’s park – an eternal now, where post-readings don’t distort experience, intention or coincidences. The workshop includes the creation of a (new) look of the park based on the visions of the children who will arrange pictures and models through games on a big layout of the park itself.

Sound factory

Workshop leader: Nenad Sinkauz; Workshop timetable: Friday and Saturday, 19th and 20th of August 2016, from 8PM- to 21.30PM, Tito’s park, Age of the participants: 6 to 14 years (two groups)

Sound factory is a workshop of electronic and improvised music for children, led by musician and composer Nenad Sinkauz. In this educational project the little musicians of the future have the opportunity to get acquainted with microphones, effects, synthesizers … and through the use of his voice (and body) and audio equipment Sinkauz directs and teaches them the basics of improvisation. In the sound factory music is produced using a variety of objects, effects, live sampling, modulating voice, but above all by playing games, through which participants come to a kind of instant composition at a level adjusted precisely to their age, perceptions and knowledge of the art of music.

“I try to explain to the children that music is not just what you hear on television, verse and chorus, that it’s not just pop songs or even just classical music. A large focus is put on listening. Actually, I’m trying to teach them to listen to each other and what they do. I’m trying to teach them to play various objects, garbage bags, styrofoam, and so on, and then we modulate those sounds together through various effects. “- Nenad Sinkauz

Nenad Sinkauz (1980) has obtained his masters degree in ethnomusicology in Padua. He is a composer and performer in music, dance, theatre and multimedia projects. In the year 2002 he founded the band East Rodeo within which he cooperates with a number of international jazz and rock musicians, combining avant-rock, live electronics, noise, experimental and improvised music. Sinkauz is the author and performer in the acclaimed audio-visual project … day of the year which explores the relationship of sound and video through improvisation and live sampling.

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