18/08 2019


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During the Summer Sessions art residency, the network for talent development in co-production Metamedia Association and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media,  Netherlands based artist from Ukraine Sophia Bulgakova produced her project YOU ARE SOURCE PROJECTION AND REFLECTION.

is an ongoing series of projection-based setups focusing on the non-linear reading in motion. The piece is an attempt to rearrange the understanding of physical space and create an infinity of possible compositions which allow the imaginary to shape the notions of the viewer. The version presented at Media Mediterranea 21 was developed, and composed trough the reflection upon the social spaces and communities, diving into details upon the relation of languages to imaginative and to each other. One at a time, audience was invited to explore these solutions to the space using translucent screens and get inside the merging clouds of words. Where movement itself can be restricted, and the stream of reflections is ongoing. The project was produced and realized during the six week residency and exhibited on Media Mediterranea 21 festival in the Association of Technical Culture Pula. Text in the installation was made in collaboration with Igor Zenzerović, artist and performer from Pula.

Sophia Bulgakova was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1997. She was studying sculpture in Kyiv and then getting a foundation diploma in Photography and Time-Based Media at University of the Arts, London in the UK. She graduated at the ArtScience interfaculty in Royal Academy of the Art, The Hague and Royal Conservatory, The Hague and currently develops her practice as a visual and performance artist. Most of her recent works are created with an intention to explore a relationship between light and perception and particularly focus on the individual abilities and ways of seeing. She creates spaces, situations or conditions for the audience to expand their perception and focus on their unique personal experience inside the work itself.

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