14/08 2019

Virtualities: Lecture by Luis Rodil-Fernández

Metamedia Lab, News

During the speculative design workshop under the title Telling the Time, artist Luis Rodil-Fernández gave a guest lecture about virtual reality technologies and its implications of time perception. The lecture was held in the living room of Karlo Rojc Community Center on Wednesday, 14th August 2019.




”The notion of time is intertwined with the notion of space, a transformation of how we perceive one automatically shifts our perception of the other. Virtual Realities open up these dimensions of human perception to infinite reinterpretations and as our perception is increasingly reliant on data, our notions of time and place are less and less reliant on the senses. This talk explores the different scales of perception of these virtual realities and questions the role of technology in its role of mediating our reality beyond the senses.” (Luis Rodil-Fernández)


Luis Rodil-Fernández is an artist, teacher and hacker with a mixed background in computer science, fine arts and music. His autonomous work is concerned with the impact that technologies have on cognition and the human body, with particular emphasis in movement and embodied interfaces. Through performances, installations and social games, his work proposes a critical gaze on human-computer interactions rooted in movement. He teaches at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem and is teacher and researcher in the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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