25/09 2016

Remix of identity 2: music & info

Metamedia Lab, Metamusic studio

Remix of identity explores opportunities for intercultural communication through music, remixing traditional music of national minorities from urban areas with contemporary urban music. In 2015, the project was implemented at three levels: research, educational and artistic. The album was released December 12, 2015.

Remix of Identity

…is a project of Metamedia Association which is carried out within the Rojc Remix Lab and the music community studio Metamusic.

The research level of the project included the collection of traditional musical material of national minorities in Pula, Vodnjan and Fasana and the recording of these recent forms of performing traditional songs in a recording studio.

The educational level of the project was carried out within two priority axes: a public lecture about tradition by the ethnomusicologists and musicians Dario Marušić and Goran Farkaš and multi-day workshops where participants learned about digital tools used for music recording.
The artistic level of the project was carried on through the music workshop, the independent work of students of the workshop and the collaboration with musicians and producers at a national and international level.

Through music, the culture of national minorities and the urban culture of young artists of contemporary music are brought into a dialogue that extends the worldview of both cultures and spreads ideas and emotions that empower the local, regional and European community.

Remix of Identity represents the musical vision of interculturality.

released December 12, 2015

MTM CD 011-2015
Music editors: Toni Flego, Marko Kalčić
Recording and digital processing: Bruno Legović
Recorded and mixed in studio Metamusic
Design: Oleg Šuran
Editor: Marino Jurcan
Production and realization: Metamedia Association


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