25/07 2018

Workshop and exhibition of speculative design practice “Nature vs Nurture”

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The Metamedij association in cooperation with the Visual Communication Design Department (Art Academy in Split), from July 16-19 at the Social Center Rojc in Pula, organized a free Speculative Design workshop “Nature vs. Nurture “. The workshop was held under the guidance of mentor Susana Soares. At the end of the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to exhibit and present their works in “Dnevni Boravak” at Social Center Rojc.

During the workshop, participants were dealing with topics such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, genetic and physical modification, hybrids, organ prints and design. Also, they had a chance to visit the Istrian Public Health Institute to make a DNA experiment. The workshop program also included “artist talk” by Susana Soares and her professional mentoring during practical work in smaller groups, as well as lectures and work with 3D printers.


Hybrids – redefining humanity

As we keep blurring the boundaries between nature and technology and regard living beings as raw material that can be manipulated and printed new emerging and fascinating perspectives emerge towards the concept of hybrid. As designers, artists and scientists are bridging blood, flesh and tissue with pixels and algorithms what will be the future social and ethical implications for society in general?



Metaskin – what if our skin could use photosynthesis to produce oxygen?                                                                                                                                                                                        
Marijeta Bradić, Ivan Goran Žunar, Dijana Senkić, Juraj Ostavić

The first group has been working on the project called “Metaskin”, designed as a solution to man’s adaptation to new environmental conditions caused by climate change. Metaskin is a human skin membrane that produces oxygen through photosynthesis. It connects the technology of so-called “living tattoos” and synthetic plants with living cells of cyanobacteria, which exposed to natural light produce photosynthesis and respectively converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. This type of interactive membrane is meant to be applied on the human skin to supply oxygen and reduce air pollution. The material was made from genetically engineered cyanobacterial cells mixed with hydrogel. This 3D printed membrane is applied on the skin of the hand, face or neck – parts of the body that are prominently exposed to sunlight.


Tree Web – what if we could communicate with fungus and plants to reduce the effects of climate change?                                                                                                                              
Iva Korenčić, Luana Lojić, Natalija Rzznar, Susana Soares

Climate change issues that increase the reproduction of harmful tree insects encouraged us to think about the technology that would facilitate the monitoring of infectious processes in trees and thus prevent further deforestation. For example, because of the insect sting, Croatian forests cut off 69.35 hectares of trees. TREE WEB is a project about tree and forest monitoring device. The dual function of the device:


TheBodybay – what if you could print body parts out of your own cells?                                                                                                                                                                                            
Morena Martinović, Isabella Bubola, Margerita Rakić, Tea Zbašnik

We wondered what would be the financial connotations of printing live 3d organs from our own cells in the future. The emphasis of the project is on the black market of 3d printed organs that would emerge as a reaction to an inefficient and expensive health system. Except for printing organs for medical purposes, we have also wondered about body modification for aesthetic purposes. After tattoo, piercing and body modification – is the future of decorating and expressing Your Personality in 3d Printed Body Extensions?


Exhibition and presentation of workshops


The project is financed by: “Kultura nova” Foundation, Ministry of culture – Republic of Croatia, City of Pula, Region of Istria

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