13/12 2016

“Video Journalism – Media literacy workshops”


“Video Journalism – Media literacy workshops” were held in October and November 2016 as part of media projects Medionauti and Medijski kultivator, organized by Pula Film Factory and Medamedia Association, intended for senior high school students from the gymnasium of Pula and School for Applied Arts and Design. During the workshops the students have realized 10 journalist TV reports.


The workshops have been attended by 33 participants and were split into three cycles. The first cycle was held on October 19th and 20th and was divided in two parts. The first part consisted of a workshop about the basics of journalism led under the supervision of Tatjana Uvodić Iveša (editor of Ipress) and Boris Vincek (editor of Kulturistra), where the students were taught about the essential forms of journalism, material preparation, gathering data and information and the basic questions that should be answered in a report. Participants were able to apply the obtained knowledge by developing their own news and making their own journalist video reports. The second part of the first cycle was a workshop about film language led by Marko Zdravković Kunc where the participants learned about different types of shots, angles, camera movements, scenes and sequences. Marko Zdravković Kunc gave also a lecture about audio/visual technologies on the second cycle of the workshops.


The second and third cycles of the workshops were held from November 17th until the 20th. Throughout the second cycle the participants discussed various details and topics for their future journalist reports with their mentors Tatjana Uvodić Iveša and Boris Vincek.


The covered topics included “Homelessness”, “Graffiti”, “Media crisis”, “Social networks”, “Hate speech in the media”, “Youth and politics”, “How to choose the right college?”, “Social entrepreneurship”, “Non-profit media” and “Youth and the media”. The students were also assisted by professional cameramens (Bastijanić Martin, Dobran Ivan, Ilić Danilo Lola, Letonja-Marijanović Sanda, Popović Lara, Sirotić Zorko, Šatović Martin, Zidić Toma).


During the final, third cycle, the participants were able to finish and edit their reports with the help of all the professionals and mentors, including prof. Maja Tatković who also joined the workshops’ final cycle. Because of its complexity, this final cycle lasted for more days than expected, however all the students showed great skills, a big interest and engagement as well.

The presentation of the workshops’ final products will be hold on December 7th in the Rojc Cultural Center’s living room, followed by a public discussion entitled “Youth and media – from education to production”. The guest of the discussion will be Boško Picula, Denis Mikolić and Stefani Veljak Gašparić, while the mediator was Tanja Carić.

Donors:  City of Pula, the Region of Istria and Croatian audiovisual center (HAVC).

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