11/10 2017

Tin Dožić – “Re-Cycles”

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“Re-Cycles” is a project realized within the Summer Sessions 2017 residency program by the young and talented Tin Dožić. He spent one month at the V2_ Lab for Unstable Media in Rotterdam, where he worked on this project. “Re-Cycles” consists of mechanical objects for sound production made out of e-waste and discarted materials, and was presented as an 18-minutes sound performance on September 14th at the “Test_Lab: Summer Session 2017”, organized by V2_ Lab for Unstable Media.

The process of work is divided into three phases. Within the first phase (duration about 1 week), the author collected the materials needed for making sound instruments. The materials were collected through donations in the spaces of V2_. For the purpose of collecting materials, a facebook event entitled “Donate E-waste” was created, and held on August 21st and 23rd. He found the materials in second hand shops and in the street as well. He used waste materials and obsolete technologies such as personal computers, old tools, motors, toys, wood, and obsolete audio technology (gramophone).

In the second phase, which lasted for about 2.5 weeks, the artist created the instruments, based on simple electromechanical and electronic principles. Their role is the production of negligent or unmusical sounds. Most of the devices that required electricity were powered by recycled power from a discarded personal computer. Here are some examples of this sound generation principle:

The third stage (the last week of the residency) was dedicated to setting up all the instruments on the table, arranging the table, and its setting in the exhibition space. The table was translucent, and illuminated with neon lights on the underside. At this stage, Dožić was also focused on practicing the composition for the performance at the very exhibition.

About the author

Tin Dožić completed his studies in psychology at the Croatian Studies of the University of Zagreb and new media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In his artistic practice, he takes the sound medium as a starting point and his fields of activity include field recordings, radio, experimental music, and installations. His work is based on the media research through the practice of developing his own electronic instruments, appropriation of outdated technologies and recycling. He performed and presented his work in different platforms in Croatia and abroad, independently and in collaborative projects (Showroom of Contemporary Sound, MIMO, Sine Linea, Sound Art Incubator,CASS School of Art, Architecture and Design London, Device art Prague).

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions are short-term, international residencies for young artists that are organized by a network of cultural organizations all over the world. During the program artists will work in a highly productive atmosphere in which continuous support, feedback and expert supervision is offered. The main idea of the residencies is to help artists jumpstart their professional practice by offering them support from a local sponsor to go abroad for a production residency at a host institute.

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