26/06 2019

Telling the Time: A speculation in designing hybrid-languages of time

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Speculative design workshop | Open call

Metamedia Association in collaboration with The Design of Visual Communications Department (Arts Academy in Split) is organizing speculative design workshop under the title ‘’Telling The Time: A speculation in designing hybrid-languages of time’’. The workshop will take place August 12-17 in Community center Rojc in Pula, Croatia and will be led by Ted Hunt with guest lecture by media artist Hrvoje Hiršl.

The theme of the workshop is a critical reflection on the existing languages and technologies we use to understand and measure the time. The workshop will be held during the Media Mediterranea 21 festival.


In this workshop we want to encourage participants to reflect critically on the important and current issues that arise from our technologically shaped daily lives. Such environment generates various phenomena that are radically changing our understanding of time which can be observed and articulated in language. For example, FOMO – abbreviated from fear of missing out – is one of the new concepts describing our obsession with time or, more precisely, the fear or regret for missing out new experiences, whether in the form of social interactions, new information, etc.

‘Telling the time’’ is a linguistic expression of a metaphysical phenomenon, time itself has become a language in which we can tell and be told. Using and expanding upon the methodologies of Speculative Design, in interdisciplinary groups the participants will choose a selected extract from a specific temporal world in Philip Lightman’s book Einstein’s Dreams as a starting point. From here they will explore how associated ‘languages of time‘ and ‘technologies of time‘ might differ in an alternative timezone, and how these differences might create new means to understand and question the complexities and alternatives to our current languages, perceptions, and assumptions of time.


The aim of the workshop is to gather young students, experts and artists from the field of design, new media, IT, linguistics, literature and creative writing, philosophy, sociology, anthropology etc. The workshop program includes lectures, interactive tasks, visual presentations and group work.


Ted Hunt (ted-hunt.com) is an independent speculative and discursive designer living and working in London and currently a resident of Somerset House Studios. Ted’s work investigates the intersections between our ancient behavioural-driven selves and modern technologically-driven selves. His most recent self-initiated work explores critical speculations upon alternative models of time perception (senseoftime.info) and information retrieval (else.is). Graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2016, studying under Professor Anthony Dunne, he is a fellow of Royal Society of Arts and his work has been commissioned by and shown at numerous international institutions and museums.


For participation in the workshop, fill out the application form.

For more information, contact us on kontakt.radionice@gmail.com

Final date for application is July 21th 2019. The number of participants is limited.

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