21/06 2023

Summer Sessions 2023 Residency – Artist Selection


Summer Sessions is an international network for talent development that offers residency programs for emerging artists, a productive atmosphere, quality production, and professional feedback in jumpstarting or developing professional art projects. Artists who will enter the residency program get the chance to publicly present their work within the network’s hosting country.

The selected artist who will be sponsored by Metamedia and hosted by V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam) is Luana Lojić.

Luana Lojić engages with applied biophilia and internet nomadism. From poetry for stones to living installations, videos, films, soundings, and live art that take up the issue of the relation between people and systems, perceptions and materialities that surrounds them, in her work she endeavors to understand natural processes within and without the idea of feeling. She is a member of the art collective Ljubavnice.


Partners: V2_Lab for the Unstable MediaSardegna Teatro, TEKS, Tabakalera, Cairotronica

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