30/11 2018

Start of Media Cultivator program 2018

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As part of the Media Cultivator program, the pupils of two Pula High Schools had a lecture by renowned artist Dragana Sapanjoš.
Each of our activities is designed to encourage students to develop critical thinking and awareness of the cultural-artistic. With the collaboration of professional associates, artists, professors, organizations and many others, we want to encourage participants to join the local community and to urge young people to become independent actors in the production of cultural content of public and public interest.

The aim of these lectures is to offer quality content with contemporary themes missing in the school program. Education is of crucial importance for the development of knowledge, as well as for the ability to discuss, move away and critically reflect on contemporary subjects that are less represented in the school curriculum. In this way, young people develop an interest in artistic and cultural content and at the same time point to inexhaustible learning opportunities through art, with a focus on innovative art practices.

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