19/12 2019

”Sounds of light” workshop – sample collection

Metamusic studio, News

Introducing the sounds made during the optical sound workshop “Sounds of Light” held in October 2019 led by Tin Dožić.

The sounds were recorded with the help of DIY light sensors, which operate on the principle of translating light vibrations into sound. Optical sound was originally invented as a method of storing audio information on an analog film, and these samples are the product of exploring the various applications of this method. Listening to different lighting fixtures and detecting the frequencies they flicker on and searching for different ways to dim the static light (drawing patterns on transparencies and moving those foils) has resulted in interesting sound effects. The light sources that produce these sounds are different types of light fixtures and light bulbs, cell phones and TVs. The final result is sounds at the border between two different media.

The sounds can be listened and downloaded on Bandcamp web page Metamusic Production, and are free to use for personal remixes or original compositions.

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