08/02 2017

Remix of identity: from workshop to music album

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Remix of identity is a workshop about remixing traditional music which was held form 17th to 22 of October 2016 in Cultural center Rojc in Pula, Croatia. The result is a music album that contains the remixes produced by the participants and their mentors.


While remixing traditional music of ethnic minorities from the urban environment with contemporary urban music, the project explores the possibilities of intercultural communication through music. The program of the workshop included lessons, discussions and practical group work.

Traditional music from Istria (discant singing), Montenegro (choir chants) and Bosnia (sevdah) was introduced to a variety of contemporary electronic music styles. The music that was used for remixing was performed by the Association of Montenegrins from Peroj “Peroj 1657”, Alisa Čeliković (a sevdah singer from Labin) and the CD “Šišanska mantinjada – Mantignade sissanezi” (Italian Community of Šišan, 2015).

The participants of the workshop worked independently and in groups, with help from their mentors – professional producers and musicians (Nenad Kovačić, Goran Farkaš, Marino Morosin) to create new arrangements in a digital environment and record various traditional instruments (istrian bagpipes, macedonian kaval, mediterranean tambura, djembe, kanjira, kalabash and many others)

The remixes are released as a compilation album “Remix of identity 3” by association Metamedia.

THANKS to all the participants, association TradinEtno, Association of Montenegrins from Peroj “Peroj 1657”, Alisa Čeliković, Barbara Brussich,Italian Community of Šišan, Ana Debeljuh, Bruno Legović, studio Metamusic, studio Partyzan, Goran Farkaš, Marino Morosin, Nenad Kovačić.

ORGANIZATION Metamedia + TradinEtno

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