03/08 2017

“Recent Prehistory” – open call

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As part of this year’s Media Medal Festival, the Metamedij association has launched a contest entitled “Recent Prehistory” for the creation of visual materials inspired by decentralized networks.

Application deadline: August 17, 2017 /  @5PM

This year’s Media Mediterranea festival deals with the theme of “Digital Romance”. Digital romance is a longing for the past, the irretrievable, a way of treating a new paradigm of media through the prism of old ones, new systems through old systems, the inability to distance oneself from old ideas.

By transforming historical styles to the level of absurdity they become deprived of any meaning, they become only the shells of the previous ideology – a lone ideology to which any other can “attach” itself. But where is the boundary between “historical” and “new” in art? Where is it in popular culture? Is the 90’s art already ancient history, is it the first decade of the new century? Are the artworks of mass culture and their derivatives from 2015, 2016, and 2017 already historical artefacts, ready and mature for the creation of homage, parody, pastiche and collage? Have all the physical media already been outdated; have the new generations of completely intangible media and communication networks already become extinct?

Assuming that in today’s world of instant communication and gratification this is the case, we invite you to send your visual or audio material that: a) romances old art or pop culture works, ideas and phenomena, approaching the most recent past in order to examine the boundary between today’s and yesterday’s trends, and between living arts and Kunsthistoricism; or b) distance themselves from a mere visual / auditory form, and approach the structure, medium, or technology that distributes them.

Let’s rip the pixels, accelerate the mutation; let’s turn something recent into something historic by force!

We accept everything that can be projected or transmitted through speakers – texts, static or moving images, video or audio tracks – the only limit is that the final digital record is not bigger than 10 MB.

Sign up: you can sign up at mediterraneafest@gmail.com with the indication “Recent Prehistory / MM19”. Selected works will be exhibited at the Media Mediterranea 19 festival, which will take place in Tito’s Park on August 18 and 19, 2017.

Application deadline: August 17, 2017 /  @5PM

Competition announcement: Hrvoje Hiršl and Dario Dević

Selection jury: Dario Dević, Hrvoje Hiršl, Metamedij

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