16/11 2021

Project Presentation: ”Dromomania Adriatica” by Tin Dožić


On Monday, November 15, 2021, at 6:00 pm, a public presentation of Tin Dožić’s audiovisual project entitled Dromomania Adriatica was held at the Metamedia Association in the Karlo Rojc Community Center. The project was presented by the author Tin Dožić.



The audiovisual project ”Dromomania Adriatica” drives dromomania as a research method with the aim of turning away from homogenizing forms of environmental representation, whether tourist or geoinformation systems (GIS). Along with the work of Dromomania Adriatica, the video work ”Wandering” was presented, which was created as one station in this broader research process.

In Mad Travelers: Reflections on the Reality of Transient Mental Illnesses, Ian Hacking describes the meaning of the term dromomania: it is an outdated term, which in the mid-19th century described the now defunct psychiatric diagnosis of the so-called “Pathological tourism”. The term itself is made up of the words dromo (Greek racetrack) and mania (Greek madness, rage). Today, in the age of the development of mass tourism and commodification of travel, dromomania seems to be something desirable, and the desire to travel or the so-called. Wanderlust is becoming another image-generating activity.



The paper examines the representational media and various relationships and discrepancies, mutations of forms from digital to material and vice versa, and through a series of hiking trips to the mountains and mountains, the author collects various materials that are later realized on laptop screens. It is these relationships that highlight the strange intertwining of opposites in the Anthropocene, such as the relationship between a satellite and a smartphone that plots the path of a man walking a non-human landscape, or that of a digital model and a real object whose model it represents. Hiking is a method of embodying the landscape, and each step is an attempt to push the entire planet vertically downward, which only results in the body being pushed upward. Still, it seems that the whole planet is easier to move with your finger, on the screen, so this work looks for the strange thing in digital models of the Earth.

The materials created during the hiking trips mimic geoinformation techniques, such as photogrammetric 3D models and GPS tracks, views of visited sites on the Google Earth platform, and their mistakes and glitches.



The practice of Tin Dožić (Rijeka, 1989) has moved away from primarily sound works towards multimedia, focusing on media research. He turned his practice from developing his own electronic instruments, appropriating outdated technologies and recycling to media research. He is currently interested in materiality, (dark) ecology, DIY culture and media archeology, anthropocene and geology, meeting points of art and science, and walking, sleeping and dreams. He is looking for strange situations that naturally occur at the intersection of the physical and the digital. He has exhibited on various platforms in Croatia and abroad, through independent and collaborative projects. Dožić’s work Song for the Anthropocene won the Golden Watermelon Award at the Media Mediterranea Festival in 2018. He is a finalist of the Radoslav Putar Award 2019 and alumni of the WHW Academy in the 2019/2020 generation. As a member of the author team: Sven Sorić (visual identity), Hrvoje Spudić (visual identity), Sara Salamon (video animation) and Tin Dožić (sound design) won the Award of the 55th Zagreb Salon of Applied Arts and Design (2020) for young authors up to 35 years for visual identity for the 30th MBZ: Zagreb Music Biennale.



The work “Dromomania Adriatica” was supported by the City of Zagreb and was created in co-production with Domino Association and Metamedia Association. The work “Wandering” is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.


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