14/08 2017

Programme MM19 | Media Mediterranea 19: Digital Romance

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New media interactive installations, lectures, multimedia kids corner, workshops, new electronic romanticism, picnic soundtrack.

Date: 18. i 19.08.2017.

Location: Pula, Titov park

You can read more about the festival’s concept here.

New Media Interactive Installations & Lectures

Random Darknet Shopper (2014 – ongoing)

AUTHOR: !Mediengruppe Bitnik

The Random Darknet Shopper is an automated online shopping bot which we provide with a budget of $100 in Bitcoins per week. Once a week the bot goes shopping in the deep web where it randomly chooses and purchases one item and has it mailed directly to the exhibition space. Once the items arrive they are unpacked and displayed, each new object adding to a landscape of traded goods from the Darknet.

The Random Darknet Shopper is a live Mail Art piece, an exploration of the deep web via the goods traded there. It directly connects the Darknet with the gallery. By randomizing its consumerism, the bot is guaranteed a wide selection of goods from the thousands listed on deepweb markets.

In its first run from October 2014 – January 2015, Random Darknet Shopper bought 12 items from the deepweb market Agora, which were displayed at Kunst Halle St. Gallen in the exhibition “The Darknet – From Memes to Onionland. An Exploration”. Since Agora discontinued its services in September, Random Darknet Shopper will now order items from Alpha Bay, currently the largest deepweb market place.


AUTHOR: Darko Fritz

The horticulture unit 204_NO_CONTENT is made of organic elements, transgressing the contents from the digital domain.

The textual context of the picture is a text found in the computer language that reads “204_NO_CONTENT”. It is an error report that appears in the internet communication. A machine communicates with another machine about protocols of failed communication [HTML server error], and thus providing the user with the insight into the problem. Error “204_NO_CONTENT” means that the server has fulfilled the request but there is no new information to send back.

A typographical picture located in the desert is 3.6 × 31 meter in size and shaped within the matrix made of 18 × 166 fields [2988 “pixels”]. This “low–resolution screen” is made of cactuses and black lava. The “active pixels” are made of 2220 cactuses [Echinocactus grusonii]. At the beginning of the project each cactus was approximately 18 cm in diameter.

Materials used in the installation are chosen respecting natural resources and availability at the Fuerteventura island. Fuerteventura island is of volcanic origin and therefore black lava is widely available. The Echinocactus grusonii cactuses are visible around the island and have the status of local souvenir at the local airport. The senders used within and around the installation are of local origin.

204_NO_CONTENT is part of the Internet Error Messages, and it’s commissioned by Centro de Arte Juan Ismael, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain), for the exhibition Deambulatorios de una jornada, en el principio y el proyecto Tindaya, curated by Nilo Casares.


AUTHOR: Davor Branimir Vincze

What is the difference between plagiarism and quotation? Is it 2 notes, 3 notes? One bar? An athmosphere? Virtual reality enables information flow in an unexpected way and with tremendous speed, so it is sometimes hard to tell who was the first to launch the idea.

Many creatives break under the tons of informational junk which they swollow every day on social networks, until they finally even stop pretending to be original, openly admitting they had been “inspired” by somebody else.

In times where one is forced to cross–branch in order to survive, even your thoughts will be looted if you’re not prepared properly. Once you find yourself in this cyber–mash it will be hard to build your own identity based on informational fragments graspable in a few seconds. If you’re building upon more complex information, you are automatically demanding attention, concentration, reflection and deeper understanding of the matter. Do we nowadays need this qualities any more? Maybe it is enough to just turn the cylinder and make you own kaleidoscopic plagiarism!

Away on vacation

AUTHOR: Jonas Lund

Away on Vacation is an installation that consists of the artist’s Macbook Pro, an HD Camera, custom software and an Internet connection. The installation was live–streamed to YouTube where one can see the Macbook Pro on an office table inside Lund’s Berlin studio with an ever–changing background of landscapes. The computer ran a custom software that enables it to create paintings entirely on its own by scripting the movement of the mouse cursor and the keyboard. A viewer can see the cursor moving, buttons being clicked and brush strokes being made, all with no one in contact with the computer.

The computer opens Photoshop and start creating a painting. It will use an array of symbols, brushes, and shapes, all relating to the idea of vacation and its opposite – work. Once the painting has been completed, the software uploads it to the website awayonvacation.live and posts it to the Artist’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. The Away on Vacation live–stream continued around the clock for two weeks beginning on the 24th of May, and by the time it stopped, it created approximately one painting an hour for an estimated total of 340 paintings.


AUTHOR: Nicolas Sassoon

Curtains is a computer generated animation simulating two curtains blowing in the wind. The animation is rendered in black and white pixelated patterns, using early computer animation processes. Video projected in space, Curtains acts like a temporary virtual ornament draping material forms. The animation embodies an archetypal metaphor of the passing of time, obsolescence and change, and reflects on the projection of this metaphor as a virtual image.

If you see human then run

AUTHOR: Luis Rodil–Fernández

Two language–learning AI bots, presented side by side, have been put to learn nouns and verbs in the english language. One has learned words from news sources
including BBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, etc, the other has learned from Alice in Wonderland. Both AIs are set to produce headlines of the form “If you see (noun) then (verb)” and reveal how different training sources can produce vastly different outputs. The work relates to automated journalism and fake news.

GIF Salon

AUTHOR Anthony Antonellis

GIF Salon consists of a projection of several GIFs in old, decorative frames hung salon-style on the wall. Though it does employ humor, the works probe a serious distinction in seeing GIFs on the web versus viewing them in galleries.

net.cube – lecture

AUTHOR: Irena Borić

Irena Borić will present the project net.cube. The project was designed by Irena Borić, Martina Kontošić and Renata Šparada, it began in January 2015 as part of the Center for Dramatic Arts program. net.cube has sought to provide conditions for artistic internet projects and to encourage local internet creativity, its contextualisation and mapping as well as communication among interested media actors. The program is performed as an internet gallery (http://www.netdotcube.org/) and a discursive program.

“Post-interenet art” in contemporary music – lecture

AUTOR: Davor Branimir Vincze

Through a presentation of his own work in the last three years, Davor Branimir Vincze will talk about how “post-interenet art” is reflected in contemporary music. Where do modern technology, social networks, large amounts of data, binary vision of the world, the lack of understanding for everything that lies behind the various interfaces we use daily, find their interpretation as an acoustic experience.

Golden watermelon

The Golden watermelon is made up of one or more artworks selected in the competition for artworks from the field of contemporary art, that are directly related to the theme of the festival and use new media and technology. The works are produced and presented at the festival itself. The author of the competition is Hrvoje Hiršl and the members of the jury are Oleg Šuran, Sunčica Ostoić and Marko Vojnić Gin, who also participated as advisers in the production phase. The competition “Golden watermelon” is intended for young artists from Croatia who are already working in the field of contemporary and / or new media art, interactive installations and interdisciplinary art practices. This kind of competition enables the development of the festival as a platform for the promotion of domestic authors (online and at the event itself), production of less affirmed authors’ work, linking domestic and foreign artists, and creating a place for sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Recent prehistory

Open call

Recent prehistory is an installation made of the best works submitted to the contest for the creation of visual materials inspired by decentralized networks. These are works in form of visual or audio material that romance old art or pop culture works, ideas and phenomena, approaching the most recent past in order to examine the boundary between today’s and yesterday’s trends, and between living arts and Kunsthistoricism; or distance themselves from a mere visual / auditory form, and approach the structure, medium, or technology that distributes them. The installation involves anything that can be projected or transmitted through speakers – texts, static or moving images, video or audio tracks – and the only limit is that the final digital record is not bigger than 10 MB.

Multimedia kids corner & workshops

FabLabbing: from 2D digitization to 3D printing

FabLab Croatia

Workshop: Friday and Saturday, 18th and 19th August 2017, from 18:00 until 21:00, Tito’s park

Age of participants: from 7 years upwards

FabLab is an NGO founded in 2013 with the aim of helping the acquaintance with new digital production technologies, used primarily to include youth and enhance their STE[A]M skills. Its activities are conducted through three core missions: 1. Education, under the slogan “Create in School”, from elementary, high schools to universities and lifelong education, 2. Local communities, under the slogan “Give A Hands”, where new technologies are brought closer to the local community and associations with an emphasis on people with special needs, and 3. Entrepreneurship with the slogan “Generate locally, offer globally”, designed to promote entrepreneurship.

The workshop is aimed at a better knowledge of the basics of 2D digitization and 3D printing. Workshop participants will be enabled to create their drawing or collage, which will then be transferred as a print on fabric, and the best work will become an object made by a 3D printer.

DiA: romantic scenarios

DiA DAI SAI is a collective of architects (Section of the Society of Architects of Istria)

Workshop: Friday, 18th August 2017, from 18:00 to 21:00, Tito’s park

Presentation of the workshop’s results: Saturday, August 19th, 2014, from 18:00 to 01:00, Tito’s park

Age of participants: 9 to 12 years

DiA DAI SAI is a collective of architects who perform spatial exercises with children. With the full name Children and Architecture Section, under the wing of the Istrian Architects Society, the collective has been active since 2010, with the desire to contribute to basic art education in a dormant school curriculum, with an optimal load of one hour per week. In order to achieve this, DiA DAI SAI explains space through games, gestures, events, and intends to enhance the sensitivity to the 3D boundaries that in many ways define our reality.

For this year’s edition of the festival, DiA is planning to stay in the space of longing as long as possible. There is no end to fantasies when we project the characters in the love game, so we wanted to play out a few imaginative romantic events, for which we will previously create a space frame made in clay. Will the GIF format, in which we will save our final product, contribute to the deconstruction of reality and imagination? – check it out and come to your own conclusions. The sediment always remains…

The workshop includes the creation of several story frames (boxes) in which clay can be modelled as a scenery for a love game scene. Some places will be predefined (the underground tunnels, the small Roman theatre, the Kaštel fortress), and some will be created during the workshop. What we build and play out will be captured and edited in a GIF format. The final product will be screened the next day at the festival in Tito’s park.

Music Program Timetable

Fri, 18th Aug

Sat, 19th Aug

Free entrance

Picnic Soundtrack

Postmodernist concept of a musical culinary program that will allow the sounds of “modern classic” duo Ansamble da camera and a DJ program that combines ambient and electronic lounge music and organic foods made by SEK (solidary and ecological kitchen) and transforms the stay in the park in an unusual experience.

Ansamble da camera, WunschBaum – project

Sakadas – Branko Škara & Anamuhr – Anamarija Škara

The ensemble has been active for many years in various chamber ensembles and performs a repertoire of old masters, baroque sonatas, classical and romantic works, to contemporary compositions, jazz, and organic electronic music. The ensemble also performs under the name WunschBaum and creates authorial music using classic and electronic instruments. At the 19th Media Mediterranea Festival, they will present to the public an appropriate program for a chamber flute and clarinet duo with the addition of electronic instruments. The members of WunschBaum are Anamuhr (Anamarija Škara) and Sakadas (Branko Škara).

Justin Case/ Brian Air (Dj Marino, Metamusic)

Music producer and DJ, one of the pioneers of the electronic and club scene since the mid–90s.

He has recently produced and released music that combines electronic with ethno music. For this opportunity he has prepared two sets, an ambient–downtempo soundtrack for the Picnic in Tito’s park, and a free style set that varies from melancholic–romantic indie pop electronic music to explosive breakbeat–electro funk.

SEK – solidarity ecological kitchen

Tea Janko Bevandić, Andreja Buić

Created as a natural extension of the SEG group and SET marketplace.

The duo in the kitchen, Tea Janko Bevandić and Andreja Buić, are two kitchen lovers and everything that surrounds it. In the preparation of meals they use only seasonal, local and ecologically grown food combining tradition with modern culinary trends. They love to present their food by themselves and are always ready for action, and if you want the traditional Istrian panada, tomato salsa or pasta with carob, cucumber jelly or maybe watermelon pudding … just tell them. 🙂

Two souls, two hearts prepare for you food with a face <3

New electronic romanticism

BukaNoise Collective

A four–member association and collective of the same name – BukaNoise operates in the field of contemporary art, more accurately in fine art, performing arts and contemporary dance, film and video, and authorial music and DJ culture.

Matko Banković and Marko Vojnić are concerned with the music section on more than one field.

The association also runs the “5th floor” gallery in the fifth floor of Community centre Rojc’s corridor within which Matko Banković is in charge of music as a selector of funk & soul music.

Foreigners Everywhere is an AV dub project by Matko (live visuals) and Marko (dub synth & live mix), and as a BukaNoise collective they perform back to back through DJ-ing and VJ-ing in more musical styles primarily based on the sound of the early 2000s and labels such as Ninja Tune, Warp Records,! K7.


Marino Morosin

Rinoma is a young and perspective artist and producer from Vodnjan (a small town in Istria) who started his career in the mid 2000s, working as a part of hip hop group DEM crew, where he assumed the role of producer and beatmaker. Sometime after, he founded the duo Soundcheck Regaz alongisde his friend and colleague Eric and together they released “Macchiato i čaša vode”, where his production steered more towards jazz and alternative hip hop, with live performances backed up by a band. A year later, he redirected his focus to a solo project during which his focus switched to Chill Trap/Electronic Beats and Trip–Hop oriented sound. The end result is an EP titled “We Can Fly” which is available as a free download on his SoundCloud profile. Currently, he is working alongside Koolade as well as on his new solo EP and with his long–time friend and collaborator MC Zmija on their second collaboration.

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