19/07 2018

Opening of the spectacular design exhibitions “Nature VS. Nurture “

Metamedia Lab, News

We are happy to invite you to the opening of our exhibition 19th of July at 7 pm. Join us in the Living Room of the Social Center Rojc where will be held the opening of the exhibition” Nature vs. nurture “. The authors of the exhibition were attendees of the speculation design workshop held under the guidance of mentor Susan Soares.

Hybrids: redefining humanity

Humans are undoubtedly changing the environment but is the environment that we created through scientific advances and technology changing us? Is technology changing your very nature?

Life expectancy increased due to technology. Improved health care, sanitation, immunizations and better nutrition are some of the factors that contributed to this increase. New advances in areas such as synthetic biology, genetic engineering, bionics and AI (artificial intelligence) are making us less dependent on natural selection than technology. Genetic screening is enabling parents to design their babies and weed out undesirable diseases. Bionics and prosthetics are empowering differently able people making them run faster and play better than the average human. And advances in AI are blurring the boundaries of human/ machine surfacing pertinent ethical questions.  As we keep blurring the boundaries between nature and technology and regard living beings as raw material that can be manipulated and … printed (research teams have been 3D printing a range of artificial organs) new emerging and fascinating perspectives emerge towards the concept of hybrid. As designers, artists and scientists are bridging blood, flesh and tissue (physical) with pixels and algorithms (digital) what will be the future social and ethical implications for society in general?

By speculating, designers are thinking of alternative products, systems, and worlds. It is a discursive activity, which is fundamental to critical thinking and dialogue. This design moves from the limitation of commercial practice (dictated to the market); it uses fiction and speculates on future products, services, systems and worlds and reflects the role and influence of new technologies on everyday life, initiates a dialogue between experts (scientists, engineers, and designers) and users of new technologies (audiences).

The exhibition is conceived through reflection on the possibilities of technological redesigning humanity and the environment to explore the future technological implications of sustainability. Works for the exhibition were finalized with the help of 3D printers.

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