06/12 2019

Open call for GIF animations ”IndustriAll”


INDUSTRIALL is an open call for GIF animations organized by Metamedia Association within the project Društveno-kulturni centar Lamparna.

The subject is industrial heritage and selected works will be presented on the exhibition in June 2020 in Labin.

We invite everyone who want to be a part of IndustriAll story. An artistic experience is not required and there is no general age limit. Works selected by the jury will be exhibited via video mapping and interactive installations on the open space.

Members of the jury are Ivana Tkalčić, Tin Dožić and Damir Stojnić.

Industrial architecture is a reminder of a turning point in the history of humankind – industrial revolution. Transition from handcrafts to factories and wide usage of cast iron, glass, steel and reinforced concrete have all played a significant role in shaping industrial architecture. Industrial heritage has become a symbol of a working class that worked in these factories, providing for their families and fighting for their rights. The idea of original revitalization, or the so called technological renewal is almost impossible for such places. The current obligation is to reconstruct, renovate and to find a new purpose in what is left of it. With this open call we want to give a new purpose to industrial heritage and to revitalize abandoned facades through the Internet art.

Send your submissions on:


Deadline: April 30, 2020.

We are welcoming different types of GIF animations: stop-motion, video extracts, photo collages or traditional, hand-drawn animations. Duration and dimensions are not limited, the only limit is GIF format and endless loop.

You can use the applications for generating GIF animations such as: Make a gif, Giphy, Ezgif, Imgur, PhotomoshGif Camera, Giffer

We look forward to your submission!

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