03/12 2018

New Media Cultivator on a mission to encourage active participation

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New Media Cultivator is a program organized by Metamedia association, that aims to shape educated and responsible young people capable of creating and pursuing new artistic contents by developing and using new learning methods and techniques.

The main goal of the project was to educate younger generations on how to adequately monitor and present artistic and cultural practices. Also, we wanted to somewhat increase the availability, understanding and visibility of cultural and artistic production among the young population, and to generate a potential new audience as well as potential cultural and media professionals.

The project consisted of a series of educational activities (workshops, lectures, public debates, study visists) that were based on both practical and on-site work. This year’s participant were students from two high schools in Pula.

The first activity in the program was a lecture by the renowned artist Dragana Sapanjoš.

Study visit to Labin

After the lectures of Dragana Sapanjoš, the next step of the project were the organized study visits to Labin, where we first visited their City library, which is located in the very same building complex as Lamparna, Labin’s famous socio-cultural center. We then went on to visit the II. Industrial Art Biennal with the amazing guidance of Mladen Bajramović. After the tour, we went to the Old Town to visit the City Museum and the exhibition of Božena Končić Badurina. The final stage of the visit was a journey through a mining tunnel located within the museum itself.

Presentation of the Social Center Karlo Rojc

Our students had then the opportunity to learn about the history of the Social Center Rojc, and visit a few among the many organisations operating inside the center. Each of the hosting organisations invited our participants to become their active members and/or users.

The tour ended in Metamedia’s spaces, where two artists, Ivana Tkalčić and Ariane Trumper, introduced themselves to the studends and discussed with them about the important values we all need to strive for in order to be great creatives.

A visit to HUiU gallery

Another stage within the program was our visit to the very known HUiU gallery, where the students could see and learn something about the local artist Vedran Štimac and his exhibited artworks collectively named “Room of portraits”. In addition, the students had the chance to go through their rich comic archive “Mrkli Mrak”. We also visited the Augustus Temple in Pula, where the monumental installation of Oscar Murillo was exhibited.

Workshop with Tin Dožić “Electromagnetic Activation”

The final phase of the New Media Cultivator was a workshop of making microphones and simple electronic instruments using the DIY method and hacking existing devices. The workshop was held on the 13th and 14th November 2018. The aim of the workshop was to create simple pick up microphones made for detecting electromagnetic radiation fields. We also created contact microphones for recording vibrations and movements of objects. We focused on sound textures, noise, glitch and error to create experimental layers for the resulting music and sound compositions. Throughout the workshop, the participants were able to use novel techniques in the making of unique soundtrack records.

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