10/10 2019

New Media Cultivator 2019

NewMedia Cultivator

This years’ New Media Cultivator program started with a visit to the ”Noise Aquarium” exhibition.



The students of Pula’s Gymnasium and Technical school have visited ”Noise Aquarium” exhibition on 18th September 2019 in Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria. The visit was the opening activity of this year’s New Media Cultivator project. Noise Aquarium is an exhibition that problematize invisible types of polluting oceans – noise pollution and microplastic pollution. Given that these are the problems which cannot be grasped by human’s sensory apparatus, exhibition is using 3D scans of plankton – marine organisms – transforming the space of the former water reservoir into the aquarium of images, animations and sounds of ocean which are the result of sonar and hydraulic fracturing. The exhibition consists of audiovisual installation, augmented reality images and pools with plankton extracted from the sea near Pula.


The authors of the exhibition are interdisciplinary team od media artists, designers and scientists: Victoria Vesna, Alfred Vendl, Martina Froschl, Paul Geluso, Stephan Handschuh and Thomas Schwaha.


The project is supported by Zaklada Kultura nova.

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