17/08 2020

Media Mediterranea 22 Festival |Final day

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Media Mediterranea 22 Festival, poduced and organised by Metamedij association has finished this year’s program on saturday 15th of August, in Social center Rojc with presentation of works made trough „The Otherness Toolkit“ speculative design workshop, video projection of Teresa Cos and music program called Picknick Soundrack with performance of Morski, WunschBaum Project and Rike.

The Design of Visual Communication Department from the Arts Academy in Split and ArtEZ University of the Arts from Netherlands in collaboration with Metamedia association has organised a speculative design workshop named “The Otherness Toolkit”, held by Louis Rodila-Fernándeza. We shared informations about the topic and participants with Marijeta Bradić, a project assistant of the Metamedia association.

I got this honor to open the first exhibition of the last day of this festival. This is a result of a five-day-long online workshop that ended today and was guided by Luis Rodil-Fernández and mentored by his associate students Sjoerda Mol, Katrijn Westland and Deborah Mora from ArtEZ University of the Arts. This year’s participants are mostly students, young designers, and new media artists that worked with the idea of face filters and speculative bodies.

This one-evening exhibition that took place in Living room, presented photographies of concepts for face filters and also videos of applications.

The program resumed in Rojc courtyard where Ivana-Nataša Turković, program coordinator of the festival presented a video by Teresa Cos “UU”. UU is a montage of videos and fragments of improvised music and found audio, building a parallel between the mutable flows of human desire and the given historical time in which a lifetime unfolds. Combining filmed and archival footage, the videos are merged and mirrored into sequences in which encounters with political institutions (EU/UN), dancing crowds, internal monologues, and memento mori stretch and contract the perception of proximity and the distance across different scales. Participating in the same generative system is the fragments of music that belong to the artist’s growing archive of improvised compositions of looped vocals, percussions, and guitar, a regular practice in which she plays with the idea of challenging mechanical repetition by producing and disrupting repetition itself.

The Picknic Soundrack also happened at the Rojc courtyard, with Dj Morski and also WunschBaum Project membered by Anamuhr (Anamarija Škara), Sakadas (Branko Škara) i Ivan Šugar. With it’s longyear collaboration, this ensemble plays in various chamber compositions, performing from classical baroque sonata all to contemporary jazz compositions and organic electronic music

The end of the evening was reserved for Rike (Erik Bastijanić) and his dance hits selection, closing the festival.

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