16/08 2020

Media Mediterranea 22 | Day 2


Media Mediterranea 22 Festival resumed its program at Friday, 14th of August in Social center Rojc, gathering numerous audience who attended a performance „(A)Live!“, by Igor Zenzerović in Livingroom space, Marko Mižimakov‘s visual essay „Cruising the Manifold, Disoriented“ in Dr. Inat Theatre and a music performance by Alex Brajković, again in Livingroom. A workshop for children “Symphony of diversity and unity” held by the Association of Architects in Istria, Children, and Architecture section together with Alex Brajković also happened during the evening.

Igor Zenzerović presented his installation (A)live! created during the Summer Sessions 2020 residency program.

(A)Live! is a bio-performance and a new-media interactive installation that radicalizes, through the medium of the work of art, the practice of observation as a bio-political act. The work was created as a synthesis of questions concerning ‘gaze exposure’ by an artist and the long-standing refusal to record, categorize, and archive one’s own performances.

(A)Live! is a tumultuous symbiosis of archiving transience woven from self-images and the singularity of ‘contact’ experience with the aura of art, that always distant ‘here and now’. A slimy ethical space is woven of self-image parasitism and metabolic symbiosis. I can enjoy a repetitive kefir scan, take a scanned reproduction (headshot), follow the projection on the grains or capture a moment with a camera flash – or, I take a few grains back home, making sure the kefir is alive!

In D. Inat Theatre Marko Gutić Mižimakov presented „Cruising the Manifold, Disoriented“, a piece made in 2019. trough MI+ platform and a tallent developement network, Summer Sessions, in collaboration with V2, Lab for the Unstable Media and other international partners.

Mižimakov’s “Cruising the Manifold, Disoriented” is a recital and visual essay composed of queer space and sensibility and is performed in English. The AttnGAN algorithm, trained on a pre-built database from a simplified textual description, generates representations of physical spaces. Instead of pointing out the inability of the algorithm to create a convincing
representation due to the built-in database bias, in the performance, it allows the described spaces in a display to remain fluid, at the expense of the petrifying pink market forces which turn them into expendable goods with sequins. The bodies being marked by diversity are forced to seek spaces of freedom and intimacy far away from the dominant view. Historically, these spaces were often parks, beaches, and public baths. However, post-Stonewall commodification of sexual identities that made us visible as LGBTQ+ within the pink market (which led to the phenomenon and rapid spreading of dating apps), these public spaces gradually move to
the private sphere thus making queer even more precarious. The performance uses verse to depict those kinds of encounters while the critical reflection of feelings, orientation, and speaking out on the subject in this unstable spaces has been placed in the dark between pulsating, hazy, and indistinguishable landscape images.

Multi- instrumental and electro-acoustic performance „Equilibrium 0.1“ performed by Alex Brajković, was supposed to happen Rojc courtyard but the weather conditions moved the performance inside the Livingroom space with the audience exchanging due to epidemiological circumstances. Brajković presented his hypnotic combination of drums, electronics, and live sampling.

Alex Brajković, is a multimedia artist from Poreč, graduated from Arrigo Pedrollo Conservatory in Italy, in Jazz drumming. In 2018. he got his Master’s degree in Amsterdam Conservatory, Live- Electronics course. He is a member of various ensembles: Modern Orchestra (AM.OK), Ochre River (with Marcel Wierckx), and a STEOM’s Frank Baldé duo (Studio Voor Electro-Instrumentale Muziek, Amsterdam, Netherlands).
Alongside Tomer Baruch, he creates film music/multimedia performance ( Fritz Lang’s Metropolis). He held a guest lecture on Amsterdam Conservatory with a concept: Controlling live electronics while playing the drum set. He was a collaborator in a series of multimedia projects held in a public space, at home and abroad, held art workshops, and performed numerous live performances (solo and in ensembles) around Europe and
beyond. He is a member of the Croatian Musicians Union (HGU) and Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU).

”Competitive friendship, my dear frenemy, is not our option. We try to remain polite, the enemy (and we will smile whenever we call you that), because we know your hidden intentions, and because we are logged into your program in which your interest covers all our uniqueness, the essence, and resource. Yes, we are willing to work together to create a bigger picture and are happy to respond to the call for qualitative change. We appreciate the power of unity and togetherness.” (DAi SAi, workshop concept)

In the workshop, the participants constructed improvised instruments and auxiliary props with recycled vibrating materials and objects and perform on them. Also, Alex transferred the sound into the image, so the noise becomes the basis for his theme.

DiA DAI SAI is a collective of architects active since 2010. who perform spatial exercises with children. In this way, they contribute to basic art education in a dormant school curriculum. The collective explains space through games, gestures, events, and enhances the sensitivity to the 3D
boundaries that in many ways define our reality.

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