30/11 2018

Ivana Tkalčić residence in Rotterdam, “Summer Sessions 2018”

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One of the guest artists in Rotterdam at the institute “V2_Institute for unstable media” was Ivana Tkalčić from Croatia. The residency program consisted of artistic research within the area of visual perception changes under the influence of new technologies and social networks. Through the surveys, data analyzers, video editing, and audio-visual the was done. Apart from exploring online databases, the artist also visited the “Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision” archive in Hilversum. The program also included group meetings where artists presented and commented on each other projects. The final exhibition was held on 07.09.2018 for the end of the residential program. called “Summer Sessions 2018 (Kunstavond XL)”.

The work of Ivana Tkalčić is called “Twilight Zone, Snapchat, Camera, Text to Speech”. It is an audio-visual work /video is about changing processes of perception of experience and the world due to coexistence with new technologies.

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