04/07 2019

“Communication Noise” | Open call for GIF animations and memes

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“Communication noise” is an open call for GIF animations i memes organized as a part of the Media Mediterranea 21 festival program. We are interested in your interpretations of the problem of noise in digital communication and your creations of GIF animations or memes on this subject.



Communication noise can be an error or a glitch made in the usage of digital media. Some of the examples are incomplete downloads of the photos, corrupted files, glitches in live stream on Facebook, Instagram errors, misunderstandings in text communication on Messenger, online trolling, GIFs and memes that you sent or received in online communication and so on. Because of the fast way of life, we are often communicating with pictures, memes and GIFs, and we are interested in those that function as noise, an error or disturbance in communication.

You can send us your own GIF animations and memes or you can upload a photo on one of the internet service for generating GIF animations such as www.photomosh.com or use templates for memes imgflip.com/memetemplates.

We invite you to be creative and to send us your works on our e-mail: mediterraneafest@gmail.com with the subject: “Communication noise”

The works will be exhibited on Media Mediterranea 21 festival in Pula, 17th August 2019. The best work selected by our expert jury will receive a prize money of 500 Croatian kuna. You can find an inspiration on this web page: giphy.com/explore/glitch. The deadline for the applications is 4th August.

We are welcoming a variety of GIF animations: stop-motion, extracts from video recordings, photo collages, manual animation, animated text or works made on online services. The duration and dimensions of the animations are completely free, the only limitation is GIF format and loop.


• upload your photo
• in the upper left corner mark option “GIF”
• changes can be made in options on right menu or clicking on “Mosh”
• save the GIF on your device


• click on option “Add Caption” below the chosen meme template
• type the text in the empty space on the left side of the template
• mark an option “Private” and click “Generate Meme”
• click “Download Image” and save the meme on your device


Thank you for your applications!




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