06/10 2017

“Beachfront” by Liberta Mišan


The presentation of the work “Beachfront”, by the author Liberta Mišan, will be held this Saturday, October 7th, on the boat “Martinabela”. The boat will depart at 18.00 from Pula, and the performance will end at the sea, in front of Perojska šuma at 19.00. The return to Pula is organized by bus.
The event includes an artist talk as well, which will be held at the Cvajner Gallery, starting at 20.00.


“Beachfront” is part of the international project “Inverting Battlefields – for a borderless future”, which tries to confront and understand various types of traumas, that mark places historically affected by wars or conflicts, by using different artistic methods and cultural practices. Confronting trauma, and its consequences to the formation of the European identity, is a path towards healing and transforming the past, and thus creating a way to generate common ground to produce a better, inclusive and more welcoming atmosphere for all. The project is led by the Austrian organization XENOS in collaboration with the artist Nayari Castillo, and eight other organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. Metamedia Association is also one of the partners.

About the artwork:

“Beachfront” is a performance of a memory infused in factual and post-factual reality. It deals with the unexplored battlefield areas within my family’s past and their experience of the world of the nineties. The place that connects the spatio-temporal contects of memories, experiences, stories, and thoughts about the future is Perojska šuma, or the beach where we used to go as kids. The site, the trigger for inverting the battlefield, is also the end point of our sea trip – a touristic tour that begins in Pula, and ends at the sea, opposite of Perojska šuma.

//Site-time specific gesture//

Mirta Polanović – guide
Liberta Mišan – author
Robert Maloić – performer
Margerita Rakić – costume
Dominik Grdić – documentation
Sara Salomon – editing

About the author:

Interested in sites, spaces, locations and places, Liberta works as visual artist, theatre scenographer and location scout/manager in the audiovisual industry. Working with different media, such as photography, performance, happening and installation, she researches through phenomenological approach and poetics of interpretation. Her works were exhibited in Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, MC gallery New York, Forum Stadtpark Graz, UDK Medienhaus Berlin, Kortil gallery in Rijeka., and VN gallery in Zagreb. Her first solo exhibition took place in Singular gallery, Pula. She is a member of “Platform for Experiment” collective.
Holding a MA in Media Arts and Practices from Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka, she lives between Rijeka and Istria.

This event is free, however, you need to sign up by e-mail because there’s a limited number of places. You can sing up at: contact@metamedia.hr

This project is part of INVERTING BATTLEFIELDS – FOR A BORDERLESS FUTURE. You can read more about the project here.

Donators: BKA, the Cultural Department of the Region of Styria, the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance and in cooperation for the Institut of Art in Public Space Styria, Region of Istria.

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