14/08 2019

The position of the body and labour in the space of exponential shortening: Lecture by Hrvoje Hiršl

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”The position of the body and labour in the space of exponential shortening” is the title of public lecture given by Hrvoje Hiršl, media artist and designer, on Wednesday 14th 2019 in the Living room of Karlo Rojc Community center during the speculative design workshop Telling the Time.



”It all started with the Industrial Revolution – the steam engine and conveyor belt – the progressive shortening of time, space and the possibility of reaction. In digital age it reached the scale of atoms and picoseconds – optical cables quite literally transfer information at the speed of light. The exponential shortening of time, and with it also space, determined by the emergence of digital technologies and the ever-faster processing and transfer of data, changes the position of the body in that space and thus the space of the body. Given that space and time are a continuum, the shortening of time is causing the shortening of a space in which we act and it is outside our relation to the size. For whom is this emerging space (or, the lack of it) intended?” (excerpt from lecture)

Hrvoje Hiršl is an Artist, Researcher and a Designer. His art projects are at the crossing of contemporary art and media art discourse. His main themes range from materiality of the art object, deconstruction of its aura and the limitations of the medium. In the last five years his interests shifted more into structures, automation and cybernetics. His work encompasses: sound installations, video installations, interactive installations, prints, etc. In 2012 nominated for Radoslav Putar Award for the best Croatian artist under 35. Recipient of the DordtYart Artists-in-Residence 2015, Dordrecht, Netherlands; TRIBE Residency 2013 (Istanbul, Prague, Ljubljana) and Kulturkontakt Artists in Residence 2012 (Vienna). In 2012 invited to participate in Documenta (13), Kassel, Germany, as part of the AND ANDAND program. Nominated for the T-HT award 2012 and on the occasion of T-HT awards 2013 he is one of five artists personally invited by the jury. One of the Croatian Representatives at the Design Biennale in London in 2016. He is a member of AR.S (algoresearch.systems) research collective and founder of the I’MM_ Media Lab in Zagreb.

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