17/11 2016

A note on slippage by Vida Guzmić

Metamedia Lab, MI+ platforma, Novosti

Summer Sessions are short term artist residencies that take place over the summer months. These residencies aim to jumpstart the professional practice of early career artists by offering a highly productive atmosphere of expert feedback, production support and resources, as well as interaction with other international participants. The result is a ‘pressure cooker’ in which artists develop an art project from concept to presentable work, ready to show at an international public event.


By applying to the Summer Sessions, Vida Guzmić won the support of Metamedia to attend a residency programme in V2 – instutute for unstable media in Rotterdam where she will lived for several weeks and worked on an video art installation.

A note on slippage

Representation is always a reflection of reality. By choosing and focusing on a certain part of a process, we interpret one of endless possible meanings. Giving meaning to a fragment means constructing a concept that is a mirror image of an imaginary world.

In a note on slippage Vida Guzmić explores the space in between given meaning and presentation. The gap between those two – the imaginary world and the way it’s presented – is used as a frame that is composed as a collision of different visual impacts. Facing images are giving different meanings and forms, questioning spaces between public and private, between dominant and unimportant gaze.

This project is produced as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development in a co-production of Metamedia Association and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media.


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