MM lab

Metamedia Remix Lab is the creative laboratory of Social Center Rojc in Pula. The project is running since 2003 and promotes youth culture through research, education, promotion and production. Main activities include music production, (speculative) design & new media workshops.

14/08 2017

Programme MM19 | Media Mediterranea 19: Digital Romance

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21/07 2017

Life on the Internet: the projects

MM lab

09/05 2017

Summer Sessions 2017

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08/02 2017

Remix of identity: from workshop to music album

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16/12 2016

Summer Sessions meeting in Lisbon

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17/11 2016

A note on slippage by Vida Guzmić

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27/09 2016

“The physical rhythm machine” by Philip Vermeulen (NL) at the 1st Industrial Art Biennial

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09/08 2016

Vida Guzmić and Philip Vermeulen – interdisciplinary artists at Summer Sessions residencies

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28/06 2016

Objects in space: speculative design prototypes

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